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Our day porter services include:

Parking Lot Sweeping
Power Washing Sidewalks & Structures
Signage Installation & Compliance (Handicap, Stop, Yield)
Cleaning trash cans
Changing trash can liners
Keeping exterior entrances neat & clean
litter in parking lot
Removing debris from sidewalks
Keeping grassy areas trash-free
Cleaning exterior glass entry doors
Cleaning parking decks (including stairs & elevators)
Parking lo
t striping

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We are driven to satisfy your building maintenance needs, by leveraging our knowledge and manpower to save you time, money and stress on protecting your valuable assets for the future.


THE MAINTENANCE CONSULTANT, Inc. provides personalized day-porter services to accommodate the day-time operation needs. We assist our customers in monitoring traffic patterns, high impact volume areas, and restroom usage to develop a day porter program that is responsive and cost effective. Our porter service offers building and parking lot maintenance for corporate buildings, shopping centers, parking lots, and large & small businesses alike. Well-trained, uniformed and reliable porters can maintain your property's appearance to the level your facility needs.

Our experienced porters will keep your property in top condition!

Your satisfaction is our

highest priority!

The Maintenance Consultant, Inc